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MARTEN & CO is a boutique business that specialises in the provision of high-quality equity investment research and investor relations. Our services help a wider range and quantity of investors, make more informed decisions about investments.

So, what makes Marten & Co stand out from the rest?

Clear and comprehensive equity research for all: Why not take a look? Over 47,000 regularly do weekly. Pan-European professional investors can sign up for our tailored research here and if that’s not you, the majority use, which we created specially for many other global regions and non advised private investors. Both versions of our research are clear, comprehensive and take a balanced view, following strict guidelines. It is also free and MiFID II friendly, in that we believe that research should be available to all investors, not just to those who have a budget. After MiFID II, this coming this January, our research, financial models and our analysts can still be called upon to give professional investors reliable, well informed insight.

Distribution for brokers and corporates:  We focus on teamwork with corporate clients, brokers, lawyers and PE. Given our market leading distribution, seen as our main value add, we often help or drive projects. We believe in effective collaboration to achieve the best results, which starts by ensuring all stakeholders benefit from our involvement. This combined with excellent project management skills means we deliver unparalleled investor relations and capital raising results.

Expertise: We look for the best equity analysts. The quality and independence of our analysts matters as this is a reflection of our traction with investors, which in turn reflects in a better use of time and results for the best corporates.


Services for Companies

We advise UK and European listed companies on investor relations and capital raising to both retail and professional investors

Services for Investors

We provide detailed company research and encourage corporates to provide better resources to all investors, not just a select few


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