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MARTEN & CO is a boutique business that specialises in the provision of high-quality equity investment research, investor relations and asset raising. Our services help boards, management and a considerable number of investors, make better informed decisions.

So, what makes Marten & Co stand out?

Distribution for brokers, fund managers (and their funds), and corporates:  We focus on teamwork with corporate clients, fund managers, brokers, lawyers and PR. Our market leading distribution, seen as one of our main value-adds, makes us that vital ingredient to achieve your objective. We believe that a long term approach and honest and effective collaboration will achieve the best results for all stakeholders, however we are often invited into one off capital raising projects. This, combined with excellent project management skills, means a unique, measurable track record of success.

Clear and comprehensive equity research for all: To maximise our distribution, we go out of our way to identify potential new investors and engage with our existing readership, to ensure that we are delivering a product that they want and value. As part of this process, we created the QuotedData investor hub. Why not take a look? Over 47,000 regularly do. This is aimed at all investors – professional investors, international and private investors – as well as other market participants. We decided there should be no cost to the reader, completely MiFID II friendly. Investors can choose to receive our news, research and information on investor events, free here. 

Expertise: We look for the very best equity analysts and sales staff. The quality and independence of our views matters as this is enables better relationship with investors, which in turn reflects in a better use of time and results for the better quality listed companies and funds.


Services for Companies

We advise UK and European listed companies on investor relations and capital raising to both retail and professional investors

Services for Investors

We provide detailed company research and encourage corporates to provide better resources to all investors, not just a select few


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