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MARTEN & CO is a boutique business that specialises in the provision of high-quality equity investment research. Our research helps both professional and non-advised investors make informed decisions about investments.

So, what makes Marten & Co stand out from the rest?

Clear and comprehensive research: Why not take a look? Professional investors can sign up for our tailored research here or at our sister site,, which we created specially for non advised investors. Both versions of our research are clear, comprehensive and take a balanced view, following strict guidelines. They are both also free: we believe that research should be available to all investors, not just to those who have a budget.

Widely available : More than 20,000 potential investors and other decision-makers have signed up to receive our research.  It is valued by investors because it tells them exactly what they need to know about the listed companies we cover.  It also helps raise the profile of listed companies, as it brings them to the attention of a high volume of potential investors.

Partnership : At Marten & Co, we focus on teamwork. We believe that collaboration brings the best results and we take a flexible approach, working closely and effectively with our clients’ advisers, to increase awareness of and to raise capital for the companies we work with.

Expertise : We focus on the areas we know well.  At the moment, our research is concentrated on listed investment trusts and investment companies; family holding companies; conglomerates; property companies; and resource and mining stocks. As Marten & Co continues to grow, we anticipate that the range of our research will expand.


Services for Listed Companies

We advise boards, executives & investors on UK & European specialty financials, asset backed companies, holding companies, investment companies & investment trusts - And now resource companies

Services for Investors

We provide detailed company sponsored research & corporate access to all investors, not just a select few


You can register to access our latest research across a number of sectors.