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Before publishing every research note we conduct an extensive management interview (with at least two meetings a year).  Our “Initiation” notes are designed to be the most comprehensive and overarching research available. These are updated annually, “Annual Overview” notes, to ensure they are relevant for when you need it, with regular news and “Update notes” provided throughout the year. The news we create daily, by our analysts, to keep you up to speed! Join thousands of others and sign up.

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We believe there is a correlation of good companies promoting good governance, and part of that is to increase investors’ awareness of themselves and communicate to all shareholders (especially now given that even seasoned investors are finding it harder to access reliable research as traditional investment banks scale back their research output).

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The dedicated research portal is at It’s a free resource, for all investors, which allows free subscriptions for the time being. We also operate educational programs with the relevant industry associations, to raise the general public’s understanding of the sectors we cover. You can register to receive our news and research by email, but we also make it available on our websites, through research libraries, and other third-party sites for free. We also encourage all users to review their subscriptions, regularly, if they want more or less information, to ensure they get what they want. This also tailors their online experience.


We are thankful to all readers as without you we wouldn’t be in business. We are also thankful to many participants in the industries we cover and their associations for their support, but especially thankful to those executives and the non-executive board members who share our vision and sponsor our work and marketing departments who want to associate their brands and work with ours.


When we established the company we thought it was wrong that only a narrow group of investors, typically those with dealing relationships with the major investment banks, had access to high-quality, in-depth research on companies. It is in companies’ interests to increase investors’ awareness of them, so we started the journey of convincing companies, associations, execution-only platforms, and stock exchanges to pay us to write research, highlighting the importance of independence to build trust and readership, which builds client numbers and revenue to enable us to provide better content, for free, to readers. Our circle of life.

The easiest way to get news and research is to sign up and be sent it by email. You can tailor your research preferences and update these at any time, by subscribing at our sister website .

QuotedData also has a wealth of background information and education on the sectors we cover, including daily news, comparative and peer group data analysis tools, industry recognised educational sector guides, fact sheets on each company and monthly, quarterly and yearly sector news and research with adhoc thematic pieces and information about investor events near you. All of this is sat alongside our best read work, our award-winning, up-to-date, detailed company research notes.

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We know that investors are keen to meet the management teams of the companies they invest in. Management time is limited but, from time to time, they ask us to arrange meetings with interested investors. If you’d like to be kept in touch with webinars, roadshows, video updates, and physical presentations, and events happening in your area check out our events portal, and when subscribing or tweaking your profile, please tailor your interests to filter the amount and type of content you get.

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