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Marten and Co research is designed for professional investors such as fund managers, family offices and stockbrokers. We would like Marten & Co to be your trusted, primary source of information on the companies we cover. Before publishing every research note we conduct an extensive management interview (with at least two meetings a year) and, in addition to regular update releases throughout the year, our initiation notes are designed to provide the most comprehensive research available. These initiation notes are updated annually, “annual overview”, to ensure they are relevant for when you need it.

While professional investors have their own dedicated research portal here at, we are aware that the market is broader than that. Capital markets are changing, with the abolition of compulsory annuities, RDR, pension reforms, Mifid 2, commission unbundling and a wealth of other rule changes. Non advised, self-directed investors have a lot to get up to speed with and seasoned investors are crying out for more information, so we set up to be a free resource that strips out the jargon and opinion from news and research. We also operate educational programmes with the relevant associations to raise the general public’s understanding of industry sectors.

You can register to receive our research by email, but we also make it available on our websites and through research library’s and other third party sites for free. We are thankful to the industries we cover and their associations, but especially the executives and non execs board members who believe in our vision and drive for independence,  who sponsor our work.


When we established Marten & Co we thought it was wrong that only a narrow group of investors, typically those with dealing relationships with the major investment banks, had access to high quality, in-depth research on companies. It is in companies’ interests to increase investors’ awareness of them, so we started the journey of convincing companies to pay us to write research, highlighting the importance of independence to attract trust and readership, and then offering to you for free.

Regulations prevent us, however, from providing investment opinion and advice to “unregulated investors” (meaning the general public or retail customers with no working knowledge of FCA regulation) and so we have two research products – one aimed at the regulated market (i.e. businesses and individual investors operating within an FCA regulated environment) and the other at the general public. However good news, the rules are changing to enable us to do much more.

The easiest way to get research is to sign up and be sent it by email. You can tailor your research preferences and update these at any time.

Regulated notes are available by subscribing hereUnregulated research and news is available to all through our website. also has a wealth of background information and education on the sectors we cover including daily news (a few best stories from all the market’s news feeds saving you time), comparative and peer group analysis tools, industry recognised educational sector guides, fact sheets on each company and monthly, quarterly and yearly sector research and adhoc thematic pieces, along side the markets most detailed company research notes.


If you’re interested in joining our free research, please go to If you are a FCA regulated person or director, please click Subscribe .

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We know that investors are keen to meet the management teams of the companies they invest in. Management time is limited but, from time to time, they ask us to arrange meetings with interested investors. If you’d like to be kept in touch with webinars, roadshows and presentations happening in your area, please ensure that this box is ticked: subscribe

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