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Clients choose to work with Marten & Co Ltd because our team has many years’ in-depth experience of financial markets.

We work with asset managers, boards of listed funds, as well as marketing teams, investor relations specialists and brokers. We look for funds which are best in class, which are looking to raise capital or diversify their source of capital (or simply feel they should have an improved rating). We know how to present the right information, to new and existing shareholders, private and professional investors, which can unlock additional capital that many other operators are not set up to do.

Demand for our services continues to grow. Since Marten & Co launched in 2012, we have worked with a wide range of successful growing businesses; our readership through our investor hub has increased substantially every year (winning some industry awards on the way); and our team has expanded too, from 2 to 30, with the largest Investment Trust research team in the market, with the lowest client to analyst ratio, ensuring quality and timeliness.

Our goal is to help increase awareness and understanding of the highest quality funds, among a wider range of potential investors in a more socially distanced world, in a post-MiFID II, RDR, and Covid reformed landscape. We do this in a manner that is time and cost-effective for you, ready when the time is right to raise additional capital.


We believe that research should be accessible to all investors, not just to those with budgets to pay for it.  That’s why ours is free to read.  We also believe it should be up to date and that the views expressed should be as balanced and independent as possible.

Our news and research, through our publishing brand QuotedData, is designed to be insightful, interesting and thorough. Our analysts and writers are experts on their sectors and they know exactly what information investors need.  We write detailed initiation notes, which are updated annually. These are supported by news and update notes, to keep the content fresh and timely. Post MiFID II, investors can still access both our analysts and their models, saving investor relation teams considerable time. For these reasons, companies of all sizes are now enquiring about our services.

We make sure our research is brought to the attention of as broad an audience as possible.  It is distributed by email to a targeted list, selected from our 35,000 strong database (post GDPR numbers and growing at 500 a month), which includes investors, influencers and other decision makers. Our research reaches the full spectrum of investors including fund managers, hedge fund companies, private wealth managers, private client brokers, family offices, but also IFAs, high-net-worth individuals, self-directed investors, public relations professionals, journalists (and their columns – which we contribute to and in some cases write), and even investment banks and sell-side research analysts.

And that’s not all.  We also distribute our research directly through a large and expanding list of selected websites, research platforms, execution-only dealing platforms, publishers and share clubs. Many of these are through relationships that have been forged over the years and are exclusive.  Furthermore, our research, news, and analysts are featured consistently in the retail and trade financial press, which helps to spread the word even more widely.

If you would like to find out more about how we could help your business, or you know of a well regarded analyst looking for a new position, please give us a call.  In the meantime, why not subscribe to our free news and research at

Below are the latest private investor notes hot off the press, from QuotedData.

Research and news


More than anything else, investors want to meet the people who run the companies they invest in. We realise though that management time is a precious and rare commodity and so, if your management team is thinking of embarking on a more serious investor relations program, then it is vital that their time is used to best advantage.

Investor Relations

We arrange a whole range of services and intelligence to work as an outsourced function to support and inform your team.


  • Videos (a great way for a company to reach more or explain a complex topic)
  • Events portal for your team to attract more investors (and choose a day that won’t clash) – free for all clients to post their event to
  • Educational guides for retail and professional investor websites and hard copies for investor
  • Private and professional investor events management – organising your diary, providing guidance on all the different event providers and options, helping design bespoke (solo or multi-client) events, and much more
  • Advertorials and news coverage
  • Content distribution
  • Advertising opportunities
  • Webinar (recorded) managed
  • Event management
  • Manager interviews (online and face to face)
  • Press management with your PR firm (we operate as the content provider).

Capital Raising

Increased distribution – We raise more capital with unique expertise and capabilities in running more effective regional fund and wealth manager efforts, also intermediary offers given our relationships with the platforms. We choose cooperation over profits, so offer no corporate finance advice, but choose to work with the best/most suitable advisers and distributors given the characteristics of each deal. This insight, independence and experience means we are brought in at the first stage of the process. Please ask us for references of how this has worked in the past.

Other Services We Provide

  • Capital raising
    • Intermediary offers
    • IPO notes
    • Equity sales
    • Supporting webinars and videos – with distribution
    • Board advice
  • Content for your website and publishers – News, research, and investor event feeds for execution-only platforms, share clubs, search engines, and research portals – for more information please visit
  • Bespoke investment modeling & research on companies for all purposes
  • Analyst and sales support
  • Board advise and shareholder sounding
Investor Relations, Marketing and Capital Raising